40Ft High Cube Shipping Container

  • 40ft long x 8ft wide x 9.6ft high
  • Wind & Watertight Guaranteed
  • Marine-grade plywood flooring
  • High quality dry container
  • Highly Secure, Safe & Strong
  • Lock box for high security padlock
  • Delivered anywhere in the UK and Europe

Price £3,400 ex VAT plus delivery

Brand New 40ft ‘One Trip’ High Cube Shipping Containers for sale, delivered anywhere in the UK and Europe.

Perfect for on-site storage or shipping.

Our containers are made using high-quality Steel which is designed to withstand serve weather conditions. Due to their steel construction the containers will last 20 years plus.

The double door seals will prevent any water getting in and the internal flooring is made from marine grade plywood to allow easy storage and usage.

External Length 40ft 12.19m
External Width 8ft 2.44m
External Height 9ft 6" 2.93mm
Internal Length 39ft 4" 12.00m
Internal Width 7ft 8" 2.38m
Internal Height 8ft 10" 2.47m
Floor Space 305ft2 28.33m2

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