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Why use Insulated Shipping Containers?

When we consider transport containers, whether being used for shipping or another use, there is a spectrum of choice. We tend to find customers are predominantly focused on size. However, of perhaps greater importance is the degree of insulation. Transport containers come in a range from standard, through insulated shipping containers, to our extreme temperature […]

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Top 10 Uses for 40ft Shipping Containers

Does shipping container size matter? You bet it does! You always want to choose a container that is the right size for your particular needs. If you see a small 6ft container next to one of our 40ft shipping containers, you’ll see an immense difference. So what are our top uses for our 40 feet […]

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How to Use Small Shipping Containers

When we think of shipping containers, we tend to think of the standard 20ft and 40ft beasts craned on and off ships. These standard containers are ideal for a large range of uses, not least shipping, but sometimes we need greater flexibility. At ConRail we have diverse use small containers in a variety of sizes […]

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40ft High Cube Containers – The Possibilities

Shipping containers are all about functionality. That’s why at ConRail UK we have specialised in providing high tech storage and shipping containers. These containers take the problem of storage and shipping and meet the need of protecting the contents. Therefore, we’ve focused on storage containers with climate control functions. Such containers keep the contents at […]

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