In the process of deciding what kind of shipping container best fits your needs, there is one really important consideration which is too easy to overlook; what is it that you want to use the container for, and what do you want to store in it? Although that sounds obvious, it is too easy to rush out and purchase the first container which you see, only to later find that it wasn’t up to the task

Why choose an insulated container?

Although all shipping containers are great at storing your items for transport or safe keeping, traditional shipping containers can retain a little moisture from repeated opening or closing or from steam cleaning – which is performed after every use – no matter how hard one tries, it is impossible to remove every last trace of moisture from the previous engagement. Although only a trace amount of moisture is more than fine for the vast majority of needs, if your goods are susceptible moisture, then to keep them in premium condition an insulated shipping container is your best bet.

As the name suggests, an insulated container is internally lined around the sides and the top and bottom. This insultation helps protect items for which either moisture or drops in temperature are problematic. The insulated container is perfect for those who need a little more protection for their items but not the full features (and costs) of a fully heated shipping container

All ConRail, all of our containers comply with the standards for overall dimensions and corner castings and exceed the minimum requirements for internal dimensions. Any exposed timber is treated according to Australian requirements*.*With the exception of 40ft flats and platforms