Shipping Containers
Refrigerated Containers

We produce a wide variety of special containers according to customers’ needs. A small sample is shown below:

  • Heated containers up to +80C (176F)
  • Deep freeze containers down to -60C (-76F)
  • Clip on generator sets for external, self-contained, water cooled, automatic diesel engine powered independent power source
  • Mega unit a modular extendable system. Size and capacity is almost unlimited forming a single zone climate controlled store
  • Spill trough for 20ft containers
  • Pharmaceutical container with 120mm insulation, lock and modified doors, enabling extreme temperatures
  • Climate-controlled container with relative humidity control and lockable cover for external facility controls
  • High cube refrigerated container with non-slip floor, internal lighting and stainless steel shelving
  • FSA refrigerated container enabling variable entry. Single, angled and double facilities are possible
  • Bespoke plant facility for pharmaceutical company, with three sealed chambers, maintenance-free refrigeration, air filtering and 42dBA sound pressure level
  • Sound level will be reduced from 66.5dbA to 34dbA during cooling
  • Special manufacturing / construction of units available, for example explosion proof plant Flexi tank for the storage or bulk shipments of non-hazardous liquids of 10,000 to 24,000 liters capacity and are placed inside a standard 20l ISO container.
  • Dry bulk liners for the storage or bulk shipment of materials in granular or powder form and are placed inside a standard 20l ISO container.