Beginners guide to climate controller containers

In general, climate controlled containers have two main functions – they provide storage and they can function as facilities for special projects. Our containers are capable to keep any consistent temperature between -60 and +80 degrees Celsius. The specially isolated walls ensure an optimal use of the temperature and lock out dampness, which makes them very useful to store and process items in that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations and humidity.


  • (Luxury) Cars

Not only are climate controlled containers very useful for storing sensitive goods, they can also function as test rooms for vehicles. The containers can be set to a certain temperature between -60 and up to +80 degrees Celsius and at a relative humidity of choice and then maintain the given parameters very accurately. With this method vehicle manufacturers have the possibility to test their vehicles when exposed to extreme temperatures thus saving the vast expense of outsourcing or transportation to locations in the world where the required climate occurs naturally.  Our climate controlled containers have already been used very successfully to generate helpful data for clients of the automobile industry.

  • Chemical labs

High quality climate controlled containers maintain their internal atmosphere by keeping a consistent temperature as well as ensuring a regulated airflow. These characteristics are especially useful for chemical labs, which are often dependent on stable environments. Keeping a constant temperature and humidity inside the container lab can also help to ensure the quality of perishable chemicals and prevents the spreading of bacteria.

  • Agriculture (ripening process slowed or enhanced/seed growth/harvest overflow)

Climate controlled containers provide many advantages for the agricultural sector. Due to the exact temperature control the containers are very useful to slowing or speeding up the ripening process of foods, which ensures that our food is ready to eat when we buy it in the supermarkets. Our containers are also an excellent storage for harvest overflows, as they protect them from all kinds of weather conditions and allow farmers to keep their products fresh (again by slowing down the ripening process) before they can be delivered to local food stores and supermarkets. Even before harvesting the crops, containers can be very helpful for the agricultural sector by functioning as grow rooms for seeds. The constant temperature level and the controlled humidity support a faster growth whilst at the same time ensuring the quality of the seeds and that 24/7.


  • Antique furniture/books/fabrics

Humidity and temperature fluctuation are the enemies of all antiques. Aged materials like wood, fabrics or paper are very vulnerable to moisture and then start to warp or grow mouldy. Old leather furniture is especially sensitive to extreme temperatures and can easily get very dry and begin to crack. With our climate controlled containers we can provide you the best storing environment to ensure the longevity of your valuable antiques by keeping the moisture level constant and controlling the temperature.

  • Electronics/(car) batteries

This should be about the most recent interest in our climate controlled container is the research and development of vehicle power packs or batteries…….

All kinds of electronics should be kept in a safe environment when they’re not used regularly. Major temperature shifts can damage the screens of televisions or computers and are very harmful for all the internal components of a technical device. Batteries are especially vulnerable to high temperatures and can lose their power, start leaking or rupture. Another problem of inappropriate storage of electronics is the destruction by moisture. Even minor humidity can add up inside the device and can lead to similar effects that a direct water spill would have. The internal parts of an electronic device can rust and the wiring can easily break. Experts recommend storing electronics and batteries in a dry place at normal temperature to ensure their quality.

  • Documents

Important documents of all sorts should be kept safe and dry to ensure their quality. A climate controlled container is obviously not what you’re looking for when storing your personal documents, but it can be very beneficial for companies that need a safe storage possibility for a great amount of important and confidential files and documents. The regulated humidity inside the container prevents the documents from fading, discolouring and dissolving and can conserve them for a long time.

  • Musical instruments

All musical instruments are very delicate and should be stored in a cool and dry environment. Wooden instruments, like guitars or pianos, react very strongly to fluctuation of temperature and moisture. Their strings can snap and the body might get cracks or fall apart as the adhesives become inactive when exposed to extreme temperatures. Other musical instruments made of wood can dry out and shrink or expand, if the humidity level is not ideal. Using one of our climate controlled containers as storage will ensure the quality of your musical instruments and ensure that their lifespan is cut short.

  • Special collections

If you’re a lover of special collections, you should consider getting one of our climate controlled containers to use as storage for your treasures. Items, like stamps or comics, are very vulnerable to humidity and could start curling or sticking if not stored in the right environment. Pieces made of metal, like coins or cutlery, can easily oxidise when the moisture and temperature levels are not appropriate. And costly wine collections should also be kept in a controlled environment as they might age faster or get a metallic taste if they are not stored properly.

  • Artwork

Paintings and drawings are best kept in dark places with very little exposure to humidity and temperature swings – so never store them in your attic or the basement. You want to prevent the paintings from stretching or tightening, because this will lead to the paint flaking off and cracking. A very humid environment would also cause mould and should therefore never exceed 55%. Our climate controlled containers not only control the humidity and temperature inside but also protect the artwork from UV exposure. The temperature in your storage container should never be higher than 21 degrees Celsius, because too much heat would make the paint soft and peel off.

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