Refrigerated Containers

Our refrigerated containers and cold storage cells, also known as Reefers, are 20’ or 40’ shipping containers that can be transported by road, rail or sea and can also be used for static storage.

The containers have an integral refrigeration unit that requires an external power supply while in transit, or for the static units, they need a three-phase power source 30VAC, 50Hz or 440 VAC, 60 Hz with power consumption in the range 5.8 kW - 11kW depending on the size of the container and the required refrigeration settings.

Our refrigerated containers are ideal as storage containers for research projects, for test purposes, or to optimise a business’s cold chain. They are commonly used for:

The containers have a variable operating temperature range of -25/30 degrees Celsius to -+25/30 degrees Celsius. These containers are available to buy or rent with a wide variety of customer-specific options to choose from.

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