40ft High Cube Containers – The Possibilities

Shipping containers are all about functionality. That’s why at ConRail UK we have specialised in providing high tech storage and shipping containers. These containers take the problem of storage and shipping and meet the need of protecting the contents. Therefore, we’ve focused on storage containers with climate control functions. Such containers keep the contents at […]

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Extraordinary uses of shipping containers

Although our bespoke shipping containers or reefers are specially tailored to your needs, we have some great examples of giving them a second life in a creative and functional way. Our containers are mainly used in the research and development sector or for transporting or storing goods, but have a look at these amazing examples […]

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Humidity control in containers

The quality of goods transported in climate controlled containers very much depends on the temperature and the humidity inside the container. The main aim is to ensure the quality of the goods and to deliver the goods in the same condition as they have been loaded into the container.

There are various reasons for the emergence […]

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Beginners guide to climate controller containers

In general, climate controlled containers have two main functions – they provide storage and they can function as facilities for special projects. Our containers are capable to keep any consistent temperature between -60 and +80 degrees Celsius. The specially isolated walls ensure an optimal use of the temperature and lock out dampness, which makes them […]

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