40ft High Cube Containers – The Possibilities

Shipping containers are all about functionality. That’s why at ConRail UK we have specialised in providing high tech storage and shipping containers. These containers take the problem of storage and shipping and meet the need of protecting the contents. Therefore, we’ve focused on storage containers with climate control functions. Such containers keep the contents at the optimum temperature and humidity, according to need.

However, a specialised function isn’t simply down to the technology in the shipping container alone. Functionality is also determined by the design of the container and its size. In fact, in some instances, increased size and height is of paramount importance and indeed the primary requirement.

This is why we have introduced the 40ft high cube containers alongside our other specialised storage and shipping containers as part of our product offering. This specialised container meets some unique needs which we are sure our customers will appreciate.

Understanding your requirements and needs enables you to choose the right container. This is important if the container is being used for shipping and you need your goods or items to arrive in the same condition they left. It’s also important if the container is being used for storage or a converted purpose. With a good understanding of your needs you can choose the right container.

40ft High Cube Containers – The Stats and Facts

Unlike our climate controlled containers, the 40ft high cube containers do not focus on controlling the internal temperatures and humidity, other than through being completely wind and waterproof. Instead, their specialism is their sheer size. We sell them new, and more affordably than any other supplier.

Focusing on their dimensions, these containers are extremely versatile. They can be used for both storage and shipping in a wide variety of ways. They are tough and durable, constructed using high-quality steel. As such they are designed to withstand the most harsh weather conditions and will last over 20 years. The seals on the doors are industry-leading, preventing any water ingress. The internal floor uses marine-grade 27mm thick plywood, making it strong and sturdy for use.

The dimensions of the 40ft high cube container are:

  • External length    40ft (12.19m)
  • External width        8ft (2.44m)
  • External Height    9ft 6” (2.93m)
  • Internal Length    39ft 4” (12m)
  • Internal Width        7ft 8” (2.38m)
  • Internal Height    8ft 10” (2.47m)
  • Floor Space        305ft² (28.33m²)

As with all of our shipping and storage containers you have multiple options as to whether you wish to purchase the new 40ft high cube containers or rent or lease them.

The Uses of 40ft High Cube Containers

Compared to a standard shipping container, which has a height of 8ft 6”, the 40ft High Cube containers are a foot taller at 9ft 6”. This enables some unique uses, such as:

  • Conversion projects: Shipping and storage container conversion projects are often limited by the height, making their use limited. The additional headroom makes the space inside the container far more suitable for an internal room. This is particularly important to bear in mind as with conversion projects you will be reducing the internal headroom and cubic space due to ceiling, wall and floor cladding. We’ve seen the 40ft high cube container used as offices, workshops, tiny homes, exhibition displays, and even shops. They can be used for a huge range of purposes.
  • Secure storage: 40ft high cube containers are ideal for secure storage, particularly of valuable equipment or machinery. The container is immensely robust, designed to withstand harsh shipping conditions. The steel construction therefore makes a storage container considerably more secure than other alternatives such as wooden sheds. All of our new high cube containers are fitted with a lock box which can be used with a high security padlock.
  • Over height equipment: Many professionals, particularly in the construction industry, value shipping containers for storage because of the security factors above. However, they are also often restricted with storage of over height equipment and machinery which simply doesn’t fit in a standard container, leaving these items exposed or requiring different storage methods. Plant equipment such as mini diggers can securely be stored in a 40ft high cube solving the problem.
  • More space: Additionally, the 40ft high cube containers give you something which is in short supply: extra space. In fact, we’ve calculated that a 40ft high cube container gives you an additional 300 cubic feet of storage space. Therefore, for a smaller footprint, you gain more room to use as you wish. When space is in short supply, it makes sense to go ‘up’. This applies whether using the high cube for storage, conversion or indeed shipping.
  • Large scale shipping: Similarly, when used as a shipping container, the 40ft high cube stack perfectly but still gains you height. You can simply ‘fit more in’. There is less wasted space and more usable valuable space.