Top 10 Uses for 40ft Shipping Containers

Does shipping container size matter? You bet it does! You always want to choose a container that is the right size for your particular needs. If you see a small 6ft container next to one of our 40ft shipping containers, you’ll see an immense difference. So what are our top uses for our 40 feet containers?

  • International shipping and removals:

It may be the most obvious option, but understandably many of our 40ft shipping containers are destined for life on the high seas as they transport items from point to point.

To give an idea as to why shipping container size matters, a 40 feet container has 54-58 cubic metres of space within. If you choose one of our 40ft high cube containers, with their additional height, you can add another whopping 9 cubic metres making the capacity in the region of 65 cubic metres. Compare this to a 20ft container which scrapes in at just 25-28 cubic metres.

If you need huge amounts shipping, a 40ft shipping container is the answer.

  • House conversion:

There’s a growing trend to make living spaces out of containers. They can be moved from location to location, and they are considerably more affordable than traditional property!

A 40 feet container is the largest container type and therefore is most suited for a house conversion project. Again, add on the additional height in a 40ft high cube and you gain valuable extra headroom and storage space.

Shipping containers are weatherproof as well as being well ventilated. We’ve seen some wonderfully different small home designs using our 40ft shipping containers.

  • Swimming pool:

Want a fabulous home pool for doing long lengths? A shipping container could be the solution. This is an interesting trend we’re keeping our eye on, but we can see why these marine-grade containers are being used in this way.

  • Healthcare centre:

Hospitals and surgeries short of space are realising that larger shipping containers can create additional room. We’ve seen 40 feet containers turned in to treatment and testing rooms, especially where bulky equipment is required.

  • Restaurants:

For pop-up bistros with just a serving hatch, you can probably use a smaller container, but if you want a restaurant venue then a 40 feet container is ideal. With room for the kitchen and for the diners, you can transform the container to match your style.

  • Classroom:

With schools expanding but little room in the budget for building works, shipping containers can make an excellent medium term solution. Converted in the same way as a shipping container home, our 40ft shipping containers are the perfect size for a regular classroom. You will be able to fit desks and equipment and it can be situated within school grounds. When funds for building arrive, it can easily be removed and sold on.

  • Offices:

A 40 feet container is large and therefore it makes an ideal space for offices which need to expand but can’t justify extra floor space. They are also ideal for temporary site offices. Easily having room to accommodate several workstations, they can be converted in to comfortable offices. You can also choose a smaller shipping container size if you don’t need to accommodate so many workers.

  • Over height and oversize equipment storage:

One of the most popular uses for shipping containers is for equipment storage. We always recommend assessing the equipment and machinery you need to store before deciding on the shipping container size. Some equipment is too large for a standard shipping container and you would do well to choose a 40ft high cube container.

  • Long-term exhibition space:

If you’re organising a semi-permanent exhibition, then a 40ft shipping container can provide you with the space you need. Being weather and theft-proof, the contents will be secure.

  • Cinema room

Another of our favourite conversion projects for a 40 feet container is a cinema room! Internal cladding combined with a projector and comfy seating, transforms the shipping container. Having no windows is ideal for this option and we’re sure many customers are having fun with theirs!

Choosing shipping container size

We’re always willing to offer our expert advice regarding which shipping container size is most appropriate for your needs. Our largest containers are the new 40ft high cube containers. Find out more and request a quote here.

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