Humidity control in containers

The quality of goods transported in climate controlled containers very much depends on the temperature and the humidity inside the container. The main aim is to ensure the quality of the goods and to deliver the goods in the same condition as they have been loaded into the container.

There are various reasons for the emergence of high levels of humidity inside containers. The cargo itself produces moisture, which then mixes with the moisture in the fresh air that is used for ventilating the interior. Most fruit and vegetables need a humid environment whereas other products like onions, ginger or sweet potatoes should be transported and stored in a dry climate to prevent any development of germs, mould and fungi. Inedible products, like pharmaceuticals, electronic equipment or camera films should also be stored in a dry environment in a climate controlled container.

Controlling the atmosphere inside the container is of high importance for fresh goods to ensure their quality up to their display in the shop. If the air inside the container is too dry you will risk fruit or vegetables to dehydrate which will cause a change in colour and consistency as well as a loss of weight. A combination of certain temperature and humidity levels can also hasten the ripening process of fresh products, which makes it easier for supermarkets and shops to supply their customers with fresh and ripe food.

Apart from the food industry, the research and development sector also benefits from climate controlled containers with humidity control functions. When testing their products the atmosphere can be adjusted very accurately to a certain temperature and humidity level. The refrigeration unit of the container can replicate the dry and hot climate of the Sahara desert of up to 47 degrees Celsius with a humidity level of 13-15%. On the other hand, products tested for a tropical climate market have to be able to deal with humidity levels up to 88% and high temperatures up to 34 degrees Celsius. All of these climate situations can be imitated in our climate controlled containers and have helped our customers to successfully develop and test their products.

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